The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyre Recycling Forum 2020

The second Tyre Recycling Forum at The Tire Cologne, 9th – 12th June 2020, will be a two-day open conference with eight panels of key interest to the tyre recycling sector and the tyre and rubber market.

The 2nd Tyre Recycling Forum Scheduled for The Tire, Cologne

The event will take place in Hall Nine, on the Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th June, on the area dedicated to the Tyre Recycling Forum in Hall Nine.

The prospective panels are planned to cover:-

Panel 1 –  European overview of the tyre recovery sector

Panel 2 – International markets – India, China, Australia

Panel 3 – International Markets – Latin America – challenges and Opportunities

Panel 4 – Devulc Panel

Panel 5 – Pyrolysis Panel

Panel 6 – Micronisation

Panel 7 – Rubberised Asphalt

Panel 8 – Recycling and the Sustainability of the Tyre Industry

Tyre & Rubber Recycling has already begun lining up speakers for this event and it remains the only open tyre industry related recycling conference in Europe. We are interested in hearing from speakers with commercial experience in Devulc, Pyrolysis and Micronisation in particular. If you have a commercialised project in any of these fields and would like to participate in the event, then we would like to hear from you. Spaces are limited and we can only accommodate active operations rather than research projects at this stage – we would another two days to cover all the research projects!

It will be a free event, but in order to accommodate delegates we will be asking visitors planning to attend to register their interest via the Eventbrite booking facility:

Of course, the event is free to anyone who has paid to access The Tire 2020