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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Nigerian State of Oyo Closes Pyrolysis Firm

Oyo State Government has sealed a facility engaging in the recycling of waste tyres, to produce pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire as byproducts

The facility, run by Shri-Balaji Industry Limited, in Egbeda has been in existence since 2016, has been discovered to have grossly embarked on unhealthy practices, which contravened the Extant Environmental Regulations of the State, according to reports in the Nigerian media.

The Honourable Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resource, Architect Abdulmojeed Olawale Mogbonjubola, explained that the move is part of the Government’s efforts at ensuring conformity and adherence by companies, industrial firms, and corporate bodies, to acceptable worldwide, and state Environmental Laws.

He said that during several routine monitoring visits  to the company, by Ministry Officials, it was discovered that the pyrolysis process gave out unhealthy emissions, with the area within and outside of the facility, and stained with carbon black, which in this state is hazardous to human health.

The Honourable Commissioner noted that the company had no evidence of engagement with solid waste contractor. Also, the workers are exposed to high risk, as there was no provisions for personal protective equipment PPE, nor evidence of a health scheme for staff in all sections of production.

There was no potable water, and air quality measured as at the time of visits, was beyond the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) limits.

Mogbonjubola emphasised that, previously, the Ministry had instructed the facility management to engage the services of consultants, and to act upon their recommendations

According to the Honourable Commissioner, Shri-Balaji Industry Limited had earlier been culpable and sanctioned with a fine of One Million, and Five Hundred Thousand Naira, to be paid to Government coffers, which it failed to pay.

Architect Abdulmojeed Olawale Mogbonjubola, however, expressed his displeasure over the Non-compliance disposition of some facility owners, industries, companies and corporate organisations to rules and regulations. He emphasised that the present administration would not in any way compromise standards, nor tolerate violators of Environmental Health laws of the State.

The two directors and two out of three listed shareholders are of the Indian community, one appears to also be associated with  Shri Balaji Industries Limited, according to NG24, an Indian industrial group with interests in many different markets.

Source: Nigerian Government Images: Oyo Insight