The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Goodyear Announces Industry’s First Tyre To Use Carbon Black Produced Via Methane Pyrolysis

Monolith has provided SCB for Goodyear’s recently announced new tread formulation for its ultra-high performance, all-season ElectricDrive GT tyre, tuned for electric vehicles, in size 235/40R19.

A new tyre is nothing surprising min itself, but this latest offer from Goodyear includes Monolith’s sustainable carbon black developed by plasma pyrolysis of Methane.

The specialised tread compound will include Monolith carbon black. Monolith and Goodyear are taking the next step on a journey toward zero-emissions carbon black in tyre manufacturing.

This tyre, which will be manufactured with this specific carbon black, is the first tyre for sale in the industry to have this carbon black produced by Monolith.

While traditional carbon black commonly comes from the combustion of fossil fuel oils, Monolith’s plasma-based process takes advantage of renewable electricity to complete methane pyrolysis and results in the output of only carbon and hydrogen, with no combustion required. Methane pyrolysis allows for the splitting of the methane molecule into the constituent elements—carbon and hydrogen.

“At Goodyear, we are continually looking at and working with our supply base to understand and discover new innovations and technologies to use in our products,” said Chris Helsel, senior vice president of Global Operations, and Chief Technology Officer. “The use of carbon black produced by methane pyrolysis is an example of how we are collaborating with our suppliers, like Monolith, to utilise sustainable materials in our consumer products, without compromising on performance and safety.”

“Working with innovative partners to incorporate sustainable ingredients is at the core of what we do. Goodyear has been at the forefront of that mission,” said Rob Hanson, co-founder and CEO, Monolith. “We’re thrilled for the tyre made with Monolith carbon black to launch and excited for the continued product research and development in this industry-leading partnership.”

Goodyear plans to explore expanding the use of Monolith carbon black produced via methane pyrolysis across additional product lines in the coming years. Goodyear also plans to continue to investigate with Monolith the potential use of new technologies, such as the use of carbon black produced from methane derived from waste sources.