The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

EcoTyre Launches Collection of 250,000 ELT

EcoTyre has announced that once again they will contribute to the correction of illegal tyre dumping in Italy. The EcoTyre Board of directors together with the main Consortium Members has approved the allocation an extra budget for the extraordinary and voluntary collection, from now until the end of the year, of an additional 250,000 ELT.

Collection Launched by EcoTyre

The extraordinary collection is in addition to the scheduled management interventions at over 10,000 collection points throughout the country.

The interventions will focus on some Italian regions, such as Liguria, Campania and Sicily, which present more critical situations and where, for various reasons, compliance with tyre collection regulations is low.

Tyre producers and importers associated with EcoTyre considered it necessary to make a voluntary, and significant contribution to the correct operation of the supply chain. In the coming days we will meet with the main trade associations – said Enrico Ambrogio, President of EcoTyre – to identify the most critical areas to intervene. The objective of the extraordinary collection is purely environmental: every year about 20-30 thousand tons of tyres (over 4,000,000 pieces) arise through online sales channels and illegal imports, generating many ELTs that are beyond the control of the management schemes.

We also note, with increasing frequency, that some players in charge of collection do not seem to collect ELTs in some areas of the country, thus creating accumulations of ELTs at tyre dealers. This generates operational, commercial and environmental damage both for tyre dealers, who are found with piles of ELT, and for consortia such as EcoTyre, which have to bear extra costs, not covered by Eco-contribution, to intervene in the affected areas.

The size of the two illegal phenomena can be estimated to create a shortfall of around 12 million euros in the eco-fee. and an estimated VAT evasion of 80 million euros. Also, this year we have allocated all the resources at our disposal to this emergency but we must effectively combat the phenomenon of illegal sales and collection: we therefore ask the appropriate authorities to intervene, declaring ourselves available to support and collaborate in the forms that will be deemed most appropriate, to definitively solve the problem “.