The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Australian Circular Economy Programme

Tyre Stewardship Australia launches programme to support Australian products using ELT Material

Australia to Promote Domestic Recycling

Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) envisions a future industry where resources from end-of-life tyres (ELT) are used as feedstock for new value-added products, boosting new industries, creating new jobs and finding alternate uses for this valuable resource.

To support our vision of a circular economy for ELT, as well as government policy for Australia to take responsibility for its own waste, including the ReMade in Australia recycling campaign – TSA is proud to launch its Circular Economy Collaborator programme.

TSA Chief Executive Officer Lina Goodman said: “This programme recognises those organisations that are playing a vital role in consuming tyre derived material in Australia and is a significant step forward to help protect our local crumb market”.

Using bespoke manufacturing technology, A1 Rubber uses stripped rubber from old tyres to form new Australian made rubber flooring products.  A1 Rubber is one of the first organisations to get on board to be recognised as a TSA Circular Economy Collaborator.

A1 Rubber Chief Executive Officer John Randel has experienced first-hand the impacts to his business from the vagaries of the crumb rubber sector.

Government has responded to the pressures of using our own waste with a ban on the export of whole and baled tyres. We can help turn processed used tyres into value-added products. But for this to work, there needs to be a ban on the importation of manufactured goods containing crumb rubber, if we can re-manufacture and remake these products locally, then this needs to be supported.”

A TSA Circular Economy Collaborator’s activities align with the TSA vision of contributing to a sustainable society – which keeps tyre-derived products and materials circulating in the economy and regenerating. When a product reaches the end of its life, its materials are kept within the economy wherever possible.

Goodman noted the benefits of recognition under this programme; “Approved organisations may benefit from connection opportunities with the tyre supply chain to increase and enhance sustainable outcomes for ELT, as well as promotion of their products and projects to the marketplace and wider industry and community (including government bodies)”.

Organisations can apply now to become a TSA Circular Economy Collaborator in one of three categories (Manufacturer / End User / Researcher) via an online application form available on the TSA website.

Upon obtaining recognition, organisations will support TSA with important data that will inform a road map to increase the uptake of Australian tyre derived material over imported crumb over time.