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National Green Tribunal Pushes CPCB for Closures

National Green Tribunal (NGT) orders CPCB to close tyre pyrolysis units violating environmental norms

India’s National Green Tribunal has directed the Central Pollution Control Board to expeditiously close all tyre pyrolysis units (TPUs) functioning without following environment norms, according to a news item in the Indian media.

Bench Chairperson Justice AK Goel said gaps remained with regard to action taken against non-compliant units and units against whom action was taken to close them till compliance is met.

The bench, also comprising judicial member Justice Sudhir Kumar Agarwal and expert member A Senthil Vel, said the gaps required “to be bridged at the earliest in the interest of the rule of law, environment and good governance”.

The bench said the units were required to follow zero-liquid and zero-emission norms. It added that instead of transporting the carbon produced during the pyrolysis process to landfills, the material could be utilised in the cement industry.

“Accordingly, we direct that non-compliant units be closed till compliance is met with,” the bench said.”

The CPCB may finalise the classification of the units so that application norms can be enforced.”

It also directed the CPCB and the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change should finalise a revised standard operating procedure (SOP) for these TPUs within one month. The green panel noted the CPCB’s compliance report dated November 5, according to which action was taken against several non-compliant units in 17 states.

The report said around 192 of the total 757 units were closed, in compliance with a CPCB direction dated December 4, 2019. The report added that 349 units were found to be complying with “consent conditions” while 216 units were non-compliant.

“Actions against non-complying units like closure directions or show-cause notices have been issued and many of the non-complying units have been closed,” the report said.

The CPCB issued the directions after the tribunal asked it to take prompt remedial action to ensure the units complied with environment norms. The tribunal was hearing a petition filed by Social Action for Forest and Environment (SAFE) regarding improper management of waste tyres.

Source: Money Control