The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyre and Rubber Recycling Podcast 61 – Discussing South Africa’s Industry Tyre Waste Management Plan with The Mathe Group’s Dr Mehran Zarrebini and Xtyre’s Oscar Filen

Tyre and Rubber Recycling Podcast #61 is now live on our Youtube Channel

In this episode we discuss the upcoming Industry Tyre Waste Management Plan for South Africa with the country’s two leading recyclers. This is the long awaited replacement for the previous scheme operated by REDISA. We ask if this will help the industry in South Africa


00:12 –  Introduction

00:38 –  We talk to two of South Africa’s leading tyre recyclers

01:13 – ITWMP question to Dr Zarrebini

01:37 – Dr Zarrebini responds

02:05 – Renewed hope for the Mathe Group

02:37 – Continuity of supply is important

03:10 – Improved long term certainty

03:57 – Will the plan address logistics issues?

04:25 – Zarrebini explains the logistics issues

05:59 – Will the plan create opportunities?

06:25 – ITWMP is impacted by energy and water supply issues

07:46  – Delays at ports for exports

08:47 – Need to look at the wider issues

09:41 – ITWMP cannot be a stand alone project

10:20 – Introduction to Xtyre’s Oscar Filen and how the ITWMP impacts Xtyre

10:47 – Oscar Filen responds

11:06 – 51% Black ownership under PDI rules

11:37 – JV with an African entrepreneur for the moulding plant

12:01 – Fees were introduced as a recycling levy, but have been considered a Tyre Tax by the government

12:52 – Discussions with CISR 

14:00 – The previous plan had figures, we now have percentages

15:07 – The ITWMP sounds wonderful but…

15:07 – Double counting of logistics may be an issue

16:26 – Issues of safe storage are not considered

17:25 Does South Africa have the capacity to recycle 300,000tpa?

17:52 – ITWMP could help build capacity

18:19 –  ITWMP forces the hand of the private sector

19:35 – Summary on ITWMP