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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Versalis Partners with AGR

Italian giant Versalis takes on partnership with AGR for devulcanisation project

Versalis Steps into Devulc Project

Versalis S.p.A., Eni’s chemical company and a leader in the production and marketing of elastomers, and AGR, a company that owns technology for the devulcanisation of post-consumer elastomers, have signed an agreement to develop technological innovations and new products and applications with recycled rubber.

The aim of the agreement is to pool their respective expertise to develop and market a new range of elastomer-based products made from granulated rubber from post-consumer products, thus meeting the growing circular economy needs of manufacturers of tyres and other rubber products.

Versalis will make available the laboratories of its research centres in Ravenna and Ferrara, as well as the necessary equipment for development, both in terms of formulation and technology. AGR will make its technological platform available at its plant in Cumiana (Turin).

The initiative will be developed in collaboration with the EcoTyre Consortium, which manages a national network for the collection and processing of ELTs. This year has seen several new projects utilising end-of-life tyres as a source of renewable feedstock, including: Wastefront and Vitol partnership; MOL Group’s new recycling plant; Michelin and Enviro BASF’s partnership with two pyrolysis operations, New Energy and Pyrum Innovations.

Versalis aims to expand the range of Versalis Revive products, made of recycled materials. This will include the elastomeric materials segment, in which it is leader in terms of technological and application expertise.