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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

UK Petra Group Deal Revived

In 2012, the then Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron travelled to Malaysia and Myanmar. One of the outcomes of his trip was an agreement with Petra Group that they would build a devulcanisation plant in the UK.

Cameron Deal with Petra Group Revived

The intervening years were filled with sagebrush as there was no ensuing development.

Now, there are reports that the Petra Group is to invest $41.2 million to establish a Green Rubber business in the United Kingdom, according to a UK government statement.

One of Petra’s entities, Green Rubber offers De-link technology for devulcanising used end of life tyres to provide sustainable raw materials.

The project will involve “the development of a production facility creating 110 jobs” and was among a series of climate-focused inward investments—together worth $13.3 billion—announced Oct. 19 by the U.K. government – previously announced by David Cameron in 2012.- so we see a pattern of announcements that reiterate, previous announcements dressed up as “new” business.

According to media reports, the company’s De-Link technology will process some 24,000 metric tons of rubber per year. The plant will require an accompanying crumbing line to prepare the feedstock for the devulcanisation process.