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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

UK Export Rules Change with India to End Baled Imports

Changes to Export Rules:  UK export rules change, and India may be stopping baled imports

TRA Welcomes Portside Storage Rule Change

The announcement by the Environment Agency that it has approved a new time-limited Regulatory Position Statement (RPS 238) allowing enhanced materials storage at dockside has been widely welcomed by TRA members.

The RPS will permit up to 5000t of PAS107-processed and compliant material to be stored portside in secure conditions prior to bulk loading and shipment, primarily for use as tyre-derived fuel overseas.

Peter Taylor, TRA Secretary-General commented: “‘For some time now it has been clear that regulatory changes were required to facilitate the shipment of processed tyre shred and chip from the UK to destinations where bulk, as opposed to containerised, loading was the norm.  This revised RPS will not only enable that to happen but will greatly improve the economics of this trade. So, placing us on an equally competitive footing with much of the rest of Europe.”

He continued: “What is more, this semi-processed material should largely displace the destructive trade in baled whole tyres which in recent times has brought such damage to market development in the UK and elsewhere.  The TRA would like to commend the Environment Agency for recognising the need for this change in regulation which will undoubtedly contribute to greater market stability and investment and, in turn benefit the UK economy as a whole.”

In other, yet to be confirmed news, Tyre and Rubber Recycling has become aware that India is finally taking steps on . Not only are Indian authorities being increasingly strict about the bead wires on baled tyres having to be cut, but we now understand that the existing import permits in India will be honoured until their expiry date. When they expire, they will not be renewed.

The change in the approach to import permits will see a decreasing availability of importers in India, tailing off and the door finally closing, around October 2021.