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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyres to Beer

Good News for 2021 as tyre recyclers move into beer brewing

From Tyres to Beer

It is a pipedream of many that they might aspire to own their own brewery. For German father and son partnership Christian and Thomas Lindinger, that dream is about to come true.

The family built their business reputation recycling tyres. Then, six years ago they ventured into a new territory when they bought the grounds of the Schwarzacher Brewery including the 1843 Bräustüberl

They renovated and reopened the Inn back in 2017 but they had also wanted to brew their own beer.

“Here we have the ideal conditions for brewing beer. We have our own fountain with the best spring water and a gallery in which the beer can mature perfectly,” explains Thomas Lindinger.

The first step will be a dark beer called a Märzen, followed by a Pils and seasonal beers.

“We have already invested in a bottling plant and the brewery. If we get the approval from the authorities, we can start immediately,” explains Lindinger.

The Schwarzacher will get its beer brewing know-how from the Bavarian town of Teisnach, more precisely from the Ettl-Bräu. “We have had very good contact with the master brewer from there for a number of years and he will also look after our products intensively at the beginning. We will also provide him with an apartment for this,” says Christian Lindinger. For the time being, they want to run the brewery with 26 employees from the various business areas, “but it may also be that we expand if business is going well.”

The Lindinger family wants to start producing 3,000 hectolitres of beer. “We will offer the beer in our inn, but there will also be a ramp sale. In the future, we are also planning to supply other inns in the area with our products. We have already had discussions with the grocery trade, but now we are doing it sometimes one step at a time, “says Lindinger.