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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyres in the Classroom in Lombardy

Ecopneus and Legambiente take tyres into Lombardy classrooms

Ecopneus Takes Tyre Recycling to School

In collaboration with Legambiente, Ecopneus is organising a video competition for schools in Lombardy.

An innovative recycled rubber court for 3×3 basketball will be the prize donated by Ecopneus to the school that makes the best video to explain the correct recovery of ELTs.

Sound environmental practices, sustainability and ELT recycling are the key themes of the training course undertaken by the Lombard students, which will end with the creation of a video spot on the management of ELTs-End of Life Tires.

The training course is aimed at pupils of first and second-grade secondary schools in Lombardy who, together with the teachers and guided by Legambiente educators, will deepen and understand how the recycling process of ELTs works, transformed into useful recycled rubber for making products and eco-sustainable objects for everyday life, such as sports surfaces, football fields, acoustic insulation, street furniture, for silent, safe and long-lasting asphalts and much more.

At the end of the training course in the classroom, free rein is given to the creativity of the young people who will have to make a video of a maximum of 2 minutes to send a positive message on the importance of always buying new tyres legally and on the correct management of tyres at the end of their life, thus avoiding any potential environmental risk and enhancing recycling.

The entries in the competition – which must be received by 22 April – will be evaluated by a jury of experts made up of representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry for Ecological Transition, Legambiente and Ecopneus. The winning class will receive as a gift from Ecopneus, an innovative 3×3 Tyre field basketball court of the latest generation, made with recycled rubber from End-of-Life tyres.

The competing videos, selected by the expert jury, will be visible on the Legambiente Scuola Formazione Facebook page, where it will be possible to vote for one’s favourite video.

“Training the new generations on environmental issues today is essential to create a better society tomorrow,” declared Federico Dossena, Ecopneus General Manager.