The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyre Recycling Forum Looms on the Horizon

As The Tire Cologne approaches, the organisers at Koelnmesse swung into action to promote the event to the tyre press at an event at Motor World, home of the Michael Schumacher Private Collection. A venue that brings old and new together, at the site of the old Köln Airport with its pre-war architecture, adjoined to a modern hotel and glass and steel showroom in one of the old hangers from the airfield.

The Tire Cologne 2020

Koelnmesse has confirmed the presence of the big six tyre manufacturers, plus an array of fast-growing manufacturers such as Hankook, Nexen and many others. So, here is a chance for recyclers and retreaders to meet the specialists from a wide range of tyre manufacturers.

The Tire Cologne will feature a range of conferences and seminars, including our own two-day Tyre Recycling Forum, which will take place in Hall 9, on the 10th and 11th of June 2020, on a stand dedicated to the tyre recycling sector.

The seating area for 2020 has been increased to accommodate more delegates, and the tyre life cycle display is planned to show real end uses for recycled materials. Proposals at this stage revolve around the possibility of a mini indoor arena with a running track and an artificial turf infield. This display will be surrounded by examples of end products using recycled rubber.

The, free to access, Tyre Recycling Forum has already received confirmation from several speakers from Europe, India, Russia, the USA, Canada, and we hope to have representation from South America and Australia. Subjects covered will be the state of international markets, rubberised asphalt, micronisation, pyrolysis, devulcanisation and sustainability.

Delegates are expected from around the world, and our Eventbright booking feature is already showing substantial interest from the tyre recycling sector. We would expect to see at least four of the European EPR schemes represented. Indian recyclers will be presenting at the Forum; a vital area for many collection agencies who export to the country and who are concerned about future developments in that market.

Of course, there will be space in and around the Recycling Forum for delegates to network, to meet with speakers, and question details raised in the presentations. Moreover, given the presence of tyre manufacturer representatives at the show, we fully expect, once again, for there to be delegates from the R&D departments attending to network and find out what is available from the tyre recycling sector.

You can register your interest for the event through the Eventbrite booking facility, here.