The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyre Recycling at The Tire

Speakers are starting to line up for the Tyre Recycling Forum at The Tire 2020 -9th – 12th June. The Forum is growing in importance as the recycling sector develops links with the tyre manufacturers.

The Tire Recycling Forum in Cologne

As we head into 2020, the programme for the Tyre Recycling Forum on 10th and 11th June is starting to firm up. Speakers have been confirmed for many of the panels, and we are expecting to fill the remaining spaces by the end of February 2020.

Once again, we will have international coverage from key markets such as Chile and India, we hope to have a speaker from Argentina, and there has been some interest from Australia.

In a global market, it is essential that we look at how the different sectors are developing, and we will also be hearing from devulcanising and pyrolysis specialists who have operations and developing projects.

We love R&D, but we need to know who is seeing commercial success and how they are addressing the markets.

The Tyre Recycling Forum at The Tire is a unique opportunity for the tyre recyclers to meet the tyre industry.

Panel 1:  Market Overview

We hope to have a representative from the ETRMA to give an overview of the European market, and also a representative from one of Europe’s EPR schemes. Peter Taylor will provide the UK free-market view.

Panel 2: International Markets

Dario Andreani will give an update on the developing Chilean market. Chetan Joshi will be presenting on the dynamics of the changing Indian tyre recycling market We also expect to have someone from Australia,

Panel 3: Devulcanisation

We will have the always informative Tyromer presented by Dr. Sam Visiasouk, and Douglas Elroy Fimrite has agreed to speak about his recovered masterbatch project in the USA.

Panel 4: Pyrolysis Panel 

The floodgates are open on this one. Enviro Systems, one of the frontrunners in developing markets for rCB, will be giving an overview of where they are heading with the project, and what expectations they have from their new ventures.

One of Canada’s key players in the pyrolysis sector and keen environmentalist Eliot Sorella from Ecolomondo is coming to the Forum and will be sure to have some interesting points to make. Will he be bringing Ecolomondo to Europe in future?

The UK’s Powergen DNG will be represented, bringing news of their development of a project to use polymers to create localised energy from waste plants that have shown potential to develop Hydrogen and a dry carbon char from plastics and rubber.

Panel 5: Micronisation

This is a growing market, and we hope to have representatives from Tinna Rubber and Kargro onboard with updates on their materials and the anticipated market growth.  TRS from Switzerland will be discussing their water-jetted micronisation process and the successes they are having in that field.

Panel 6: Sustainability

This panel on sustainability is still being developed, and we would like to see a couple of representatives here from the tyre manufacturers. We will keep readers updated of any progress on this panel

Panel 7:  Rubberised Asphalt

Rubberised asphalt remains an elusive market in much of Europe, but there are signs of an uplift. For this panel, we have one of the world’s leading experts on putting rubber into roads – Dr. Sergei AmirkhanianLuis de Leon will make a welcome return as a representative of one of the most successful rubberised asphalt projects in Europe, having laid over 3000km or road in Spain. We also expect Tim Clayton from TRS to give one of his technical presentations on the intricacies of developing rubberised asphalt using TRS micronised rubber.