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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyre Manufacturer Makes Larger Orders from Enviro

European tyre manufacturer orders Enviro recovered Carbon Black

Enviro for Tyre Manufacturer

Scandinavian Enviro Systems has received an order for 60 tonnes of recovered Carbon Black from a major European tyre manufacturer in the premium segment. The tyre manufacturer will use the Carbon Black for production tests as a step in its efforts to increase the proportion of recovered and renewable materials in their tyres. This represents a move up the supply ladder from small scale lab testing to what amounts to pre-production testing

The tyre manufacturer has partnered with Enviro for several years and has conducted a number of minor production tests using Enviro’s recovered carbon black. The order that was just placed was the company’s first for use in more comprehensive production tests.

The tyre manufacturer in question has previously announced ambitious goals as regards a transition to environmentally more sustainable tyre manufacturing, including the goal that half of all raw material included in new tyres by 2030 will be recovered or renewable. A number of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers including Enviro’s primary owner, Michelin, have announced highly ambitious goals for increased use of recovered or renewable materials.

In September, Enviro became the first company in the world to become certified under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification system (ISCC) for Carbon Black. At the same time, Enviro also obtained ISCC certification for the pyrolysis oil that the company recovers from end-of-life tyres. To meet the expected increase in demand for recovered Carbon Black and recovered pyrolysis oil, Enviro has announced a plan to establish recycling plants for end-of-life tyres with a total capacity of 900,000 tonnes by 2030.

“Owing to our unique recycling technology, we can help the tyre industry meet the demands from both vehicle manufacturers and customers as regards reducing carbon emissions and achieving more circular management of valuable raw materials. Our ISCC-certified carbon black and oil will facilitate this transition in several industries, and we are now implementing our expansion plan to meet the drastic increase in demand that we expect,” says Thomas Sörensson, CEO of Enviro.