The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tyre Baler Opens a New Chapter for Derby Recycler

Derby (UK) based tyre recycler, Metallon has recently overhauled its tyre recycling operation.

New Tyre Baler for Metallon

With the help of Cheltenham based, QCR Recycling Equipment, Metallon has purchased a QCR Tyre Baler to improve the process of handling waste car tyres.

A tyre baler is an essential piece of equipment for tyre recyclers nowadays and the QCR Tyre Baler is the recyclers’ choice, with over 40 machines being used in the UK.

The highest throughput on the market, a wider chamber, more depth and a superior 85 tonne compaction force makes it an easy choice for recyclers. QCR’s Tyre Baler maximises both efficiency on loading and transportation. One simple switch can alter the size of the bales and a double row of Hardox retention fingers ensure maximum bale weights and speedier loading. This impressive tyre baler can achieve a 15-20 per cent increase in bale weights over other competition, increasing payloads but reducing labour, loading and wire costs. Other unique features include hydraulic heavy duty door clamps and a 300lt oil reservoir for constant cooling.

Piles of loose tyres are a sight of the past in the yard. All tyres are baled and stacked to await transportation. Loose tyres are voluminous and therefore take up a lot of room. They are also a trip hazard and there is always the risk of falling tyres.

The QCR Tyre Baler’s high throughput rate allows for 4-6 bales of around 110 car tyres per bale to be made every hour. It therefore only takes a matter of hours for Metallon to have a 40ʼ trailer stacked with 30 tyre bales ready for transportation. Double stacking is authorised when tyres are compacted, maximising the space a 40ʼ trailer can carry. This results in the reduction of transport space by up to 60 per cent. The QCR Tyre Baler is also helping to reduce floor space by up to 80 per cent.

“We chose QCR after considering several equipment options and we are very pleased with the QCR Tyre Baler. It has a larger aperture than most tyre balers, which allows for a higher throughput. QCR’s engineers helped us maximise our productivity, loading and tying the bales. I would highly recommend both the QCR Tyre Baler and their high quality services.” Bill Legg, Managing Director of Metallon (Derby) Ltd.