The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tubes and Tyres to Bike Bags

A locally produced necessity has become a fashion item in the Philippines. In an ever more aware society, where the environment is increasingly to the fore, these fashionable bags are made from old inner tubes and tyres.

Tyres to Bags in Philippines

The bags are designed for local travel and are manufactured by Siklo Pilipinas.

Siklo Pilipinas was established by Clarice and Lyndon Ecuacion back in 2012. They are both bike-packers who love exploring the many different islands of the Philippines. Since island hopping requires getting on the boat and crossing waterways, and at the time, dry bags were not as available as they are now, they needed to think of other ways to protect their things from the harsh conditions of their rugged lifestyle. Tyre inner tubes became their improvised solution. Since then, they started exploring the possibilities of the material, and its designs have evolved over the years.

The business sources inner tubes and tyres from various junk shops all over Metro Manila and Laguna.

It has always been Siklo Pilipinas’ purpose to advocate an eco-ethical lifestyle. Since its conception, Siklo Pilipinas has already upcycled tons of discarded inner tubes.