The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

TRS Ltd Launches Laboratory in Preparation for Next Stage Development

Swiss-based TRS SA, an innovative tyre recycling company that has developed a tyre recycling system utilizing UHP water jetting to recover high value micro powders from the tread of car tyres, has taken the next step in the commercialization of its process.

Laboratory Launched by TRS

A pilot plant in Morges has proven the technology and has developed the process to a level where the product obtained has a consistency and specification that holds interest in the market.

The pilot plant is now due to be disassembled and relocated to a full production facility where four UHP lines will feed the drier and classifier system to produce high quality active surface rubber powders that can, according to TRS SA., be used in new rubber compounds.

The full commercialisation has been led by the opening of a new laboratory where TRS’s team of research scientists not only test for standards and specification, but where they are constantly exploring new avenues of recycling and application.

TRS’s CEO and Co-founder Steffan Ahlgren, was ebullient about the project. “We understand that there can be no point in recycling unless there are end markets and when we proposed this project we looked at it from start to finish. TRS wants to facilitate the recycling of tyres and to produce a high-quality product with a higher market value, and to do that we must always have a complete chain right through to the end markets. Without the markets there is no future for any business.

“We gained the support of fellow Swiss financiers and investors; Canton ministers and politicians because we can show that there is a complete business model here. We have been able to prove the quality of the end product and we have been able to identify markets and clients prepared to buy our products in large scale sustainable off-takes.”

There will be more about TRS in the next issue of Tyre and Rubber Recycling.