The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

TRA Warns Containers Costs Still Rising

The TRA has issued another warning to tyre retailers and others that shipping container rates will continue to remain high into the foreseeable future.

Shipping Rates Increasing

Bankruptcies and aggressive capacity cutbacks by shipping companies mean that forward shipping rates are up to four times higher than a year ago.

Containers are used to move 90% of the world’s manufactured goods and many more items. Up to 25% of the UK’s annual tyre arisings are containerised for shipment to Asia and elsewhere to be used primarily as tyre-derived fuel.

The TRA has voiced its concern that irresponsible and rogue operators will continue to charge artificially low collection rates may result in them going out of business when the true cost of disposal becomes apparent.

Peter Taylor, Secretary General of the TRA, said: “This is the scenario we fear the most. It will mean abandoned sites, unfair clear-up costs by the authorities and even increase the risk of arson.

“Most retailers and vehicle dismantlers understand their legal responsibilities when it comes to waste disposal and recycling but there are still too many who do not care.

“Such people scar our reputation as an industry with an excellent recycling record overall and every responsible player in Britain’s industry has a duty to shun the scourge of sham recycling.”