The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Tasmanian Tyre Challenge

The Australian Tyre Recyclers Association has called on the state government to help solve Tasmania’s end-of-life tyre problem by ensuring a new tyre recycling facility in the state’s south is afforded the best possible chance to succeed.

ATRA Want to See Australian Government Act Quickly on End-of-Life Tyres

The state’s first tyre recycling facility was launched in Bridgewater earlier this month, with Barwicks Landscape Supplies striking a deal with Tyrecycle to shred about 300,000 used tyres per year, which will then be shipped to the mainland for processing.

ATRA executive officer Robbie Kelman said the facility had come just in time, with the owner of the Longford stockpile no longer allowed to collect used tyres from December 20.

“The Bridgewater facility is a great addition to the landscape in Tasmania, it’s the next step in terms of actually recycling rather than just stockpiling Tasmania’s tyres,” Mr Kelman said.

ATRA wouldn’t oppose another facility setting up if there was a business case – if they had another shredder or crumbing facility to make material that’d be great.”

Mr Kelman said the next step in managing the state’s tyre problem would be to limit the amount of tyres that could be stockpiled at one site and to ban tyres going into landfill sites.

Tasmanian Conservation Trust director Peter McGlone agreed the potentially cheaper option of sending tyres to landfill posed a challenge to the success of the new facility.

“In Copping in Tasmania they landfilled something like 50,000 tyres last year,” Mr McGlone said.

“And if landfill operators start offering a lower cost for disposal than Tyrecycle, then you’re going to have a real problem with Tyrecycle being able to make a profit.”