The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

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TANA 440 Updated

Tana updates the Shark for greater efficiency.

New TANA 440 Series Shredders – Unique versatility

The versatility, productivity and ease-of-use of TANA 440 shredders have all been taken to a new level, following improvements suggested by customers and dealers. The TANA 440 has traditionally been the company’s most popular shredder. It is used especially for processing challenging waste fractions, such as mattresses, tyres, plastics, cables and textiles. Versatility was already a major advantage of the TANA shredders, and the new 440DTeco now has even more applications.

The biggest change externally in the TANA 440DTeco shredder is the new higher machine frame, which allows over 200mm more space between the conveyor and the rotor on track models. The new frame structure allows more space for material flow underneath the rotor, helping especially with the pre-shredding of bulky materials, such as plastics and mattresses. Similarly, the new hopper design features a raised wall to prevent unshredded materials from falling onto the discharge conveyor.

In addition to the traditional 33-knife rotor, there is also the new option of 44 knives for added shredding performance. For example, the 44-knife rotor increases capacity / output in tyre shredding by 25 %. The extended rotor offering also includes options for heavy duty use and for optimising operating costs. In addition, with the updated labyrinth seal the rotor end structure has improved to protect the gearbox from external objects and disturbances.

Clean and efficient flow of materials

The flow of materials through the shredder has been improved in many ways in the new 440 series. This further increase productivity and improve the quality of the end-product.

The cleaning combs are now bolted on instead of welded enabling a quicker fix when needed. Different cleaning combs are available for different purposes. Shorter combs are for tougher materials and coarse shredding to ensure the best durability and wear resistance. Longer combs are for easier materials and fine shredding to ensure the best output quality in terms of homogeneous particle size. Bolt-on cleaning combs also make maintenance easier because it is easy to replace damaged ones.

The conveyor system has been completely redesigned. The new structure features two separate conveyors: a transfer conveyor underneath the rotor and a discharge conveyor in the end of the machine. The speed of both conveyors can be adjusted separately. The frame of the discharge conveyor is now self-supporting enabling effortless angle adjustment, even during operation. Also, the scale system calibrates itself automatically depending on the discharge conveyor angle. The optional over-band magnet also features many updates: the magnet has been repositioned higher allowing larger metal piles, the space between the magnet conveyor and the discharge conveyor can be adjusted hydraulically during operation, and the discharge side can be changed.

The new TANA Control System (TCS) features a touchscreen display on the side of the shredder that is used to control all the machine’s functions safely and in one place. The new user interface is extremely easy to use and helps the operator find the most efficient settings for each process. The new and improved TCS with added sensoring and updated electrical control enables operation to be more efficient and precise. The operating system can be updated remotely and the TANA ProTrack information management system helps optimize the shredder’s utilization rate and save fuel.

The new TANA 440 series combines 15 years of user experience with TANA Shark shredders with the latest technical innovations. Tana’s customers and dealers have played a key role in the development of the new shredder series.

TANA 440 shredders are available as track, trailer and electric models. The TANA ProTrack information management system Tana service kits and a global sales and service network to help always maximize productivity, anywhere in the world.