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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

T8 Exemption Is Going

T8 Exemptions have been at the heart of many discussions in the UK as, according to the industry, they are regularly abused

Time is up, according to Howard Lieberman of the Environment Agency. At the Tyre Recovery Association briefing day, Lieberman announced that the Government had decided that it was time to end the T8 Exemption.

It would not be an overnight withdrawal as it was in Scotland, but after due process and a transition period, the T8 will be removed. It just awaits Parliamentary time to change the law.

Essentially, existing T8 holders will be able to complete their Exemption, but if they wish to continue operations, they will be required to apply for a Permit and meet the Permit conditions or close.

The new Permit will come with a charge. Lieberman says that this will enable the EA to engage more staff for monitoring and enforcement.

There is more, and there will be changes for carriers, brokers and dealers, who will all also need a licence.

Implementation is anticipated in 2024. However, if there is a delay and a change of Government at the next General Election, both Government and Opposition parties have agreed to enshrine these changes in law.

We will have a more detailed rundown of the changes soon.