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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Sneakers to Soles with Indosole

INDOSOLE recycles old sneakers for their SS22 collection

Sneakers Follow Tyres at Indosole

In 2004, Indosole founder Kyle Parson came into contact with billions of used car tyres while travelling through Indonesia. Car tyres are a breeding ground for deadly diseases and have a major impact on our environment. Indosole has found a better solution to this problem by recycling them and then using them as the basis for the outsole of all slippers.

Indosole saves 1,5k tyres a day from landfill by turning them into the sole of flip-flops,

Being passionate about bringing education to the masses, Indosole aims to make a shift from the evergreen talks into a more refreshing approach. Indosole believes that with a fun approach the company is able to shape the shopping patterns of future generations for the better.

Staying true to the Indosole ethos and the timeless ESSNTL collection, the environmentally conscious brand has tried ways to find new materials that can be used from waste. With the SS22 collection, Indosole is bringing eco to the next level and experimenting with recycling sneakers. The result? Stylish flip flops and slippers with an iconic recycled sole in grey, red, and orange.

The SS22 collection named LOST SOLE is coming to life using the SETT (Sole Engineered Tire Technology). By collecting previous sneaker collections from major footwear manufacturers and turning them into stylish slippers, Indosole prevents them from ending up in landfills and being burned.

“Indosole’s staple has been our “recycled tyre sole technology” featured on all our footwear. This year, we have salvaged a new and exciting material innovation called “The Lost Sole” which adds more colour and personality to the brand. Using the same process in powderising of our tyres, we are now intercepting sneaker parts from major footwear brands and getting them on the streets as a fresh pair of Indosole sandals. Look for our new sneaker sole flips and slides in Orange, Red, and White – Launching in Spring,” says Indosole founder Kyle Parson.