The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

SIGNUS Gets Arty with Traductores de Viento and the “Creation from Sustainability 2022”

Recently, at the SIGNUS offices in Madrid, the General Director of SIGNUS Gabriel Leal presented, together with Miguel Ángel Invarato from Traductores del Viento, the first “A Second Life – Aid for Creation from Sustainability” Awards.

This project aims to support expression through the arts, creation and thought and in collaboration with Traductores del Viento.

This first annual call has had numerous projects presented, twelve of them going to a hard-fought semifinal, among which the projects of the artists Jesús Moreno (JM.YES)

“A second life” were selected to go to the final and executive phase. and Francisco Pradilla with his work «Traces».

In the second call, for the execution of the projects, the jury has ruled:

First prize Jesús Moreno (JM YES) for “A second life”. Since its beginnings in artistic practice, JM YES has followed a line of work closely linked both to the search for places to intervene, and for the reuse of found materials.

Second prize: Francisco Padilla for “Trazas”. The result of this work is a set that wants to recreate an abstract time and space, a journey where the starting point or destination is not important, but emotions and experiences, how we live them and how we remember them.

The evaluation team was made up of the artists Manuel Oyonarte and Toña Gómez, by a representative of SIGNUS and by Miguel Ángel Invarato, Director of Traductores del Viento. The basis of the second edition of these awards will be published soon.