The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Segurvital – The Innovative Motorist Protection System from Recycled Tyre Rubber

Last October, an innovative protection system on the motorways of La Rioja, Spain, was installed that utilises recycled rubber crumb from end of use tyres.  It relates to a new design of motorway barrier that protects motorists and cyclists from serious injuries in the case of an accident. The motorway barrier, named Segurvital, has been developed by the Spanish Company Inoxmar Entreacerox S.L. This system connects directly to the conventional motorway barriers in order to avoid exposure to dangerous securing posts, and it is composed through a series of recycled rubber rollers that absorb the blow to the victim.

Segurvital Looking to Passenger Safety

Segurvital is accredited with the maximum safety parameters (UNE 135900-12:2008): by avoiding the situation where the victim is thrown from the road, reducing the seriousness of the accident by absorbing a large part of the impact, avoiding amputations and spinal damage.

This pioneering protection system for motorists has been installed along a 160-metre stretch of the motorway in La Rioja (LR-254) that is used frequently by bicycles and motorbikes and will be extended up to 1 kilometer. The development has been carried out over 4 months and has been financed by the European Union and the Riojan government. The latter, after assessment of its operation and a reception by the group of motorists will study the system at other points. Following the management of the DGT, it will carry out a dissemination of the results with the purpose of making it applicable to the rest of the road owners.