The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Salvadori and Michelin in Chile

Salvadori’s equipment will be used in Chile by Michelin to pre-prepare OTR tyres for its Enviro technology pyrolysis plant that is being developed there.

Salvadori’s Technology Chosen by Michelin for its Tyre Recycling Plant in Chile

The machinery will be used to ensure tyre downsizing operations, contributing to recycle about 30,000 tons of earthmover tyres per year.

Salvadori‘s technology will be used specifically to reduce the tyre into specified feedstock for the pyrolysis operation, which will then be further processed in the factory.

Salvadori Srl has been part of the American industrial group TRC – Tech Tire & Recycling Holding since 2016. The company has twenty-seven employees and sells goods and products on foreign markets for an overall value equal to 97 per cent of its turnover.

“The Michelin project,” explains Luca Olcese, general manager of Salvadori tyre manufacturing has decided to invest its own resources in a fully integrated recycling and processing plant is a particularly important sign for Salvadori, which is a pioneer in this sector. It strengthens us and opens incredible promises and business prospects.”

The tyres of earthmoving machinery, due to their enormous size represent a problem, especially in countries like Chile where there are many mines. Being able to dispose of and recycle them directly on site is a great achievement.

The machines have been designed and developed together with Michelin in the Trentino Sviluppo technological hub in Rovereto, where Salvadori is based, constitute a complete cutting station of three processes. The first is used to separate the sides of the tread, the second to remove the bead that forms the structure of the tyre, while the last cuts the carcass into small pieces, which will be used in downstream transformation processes.

Michelin requested the Trentino company, in addition to the construction of the machinery and its installation, to handle the training of its staff in Chile.

Salvadori was chosen,” emphasises Olcese; “through a long selection process where we highlighted our creativity and innovative power, demonstrating how Salvadori‘s solutions are the most efficient and effective on the market. Collaborating with such an important partner is a proud success for us and gives us the direction in continuing the development of our technology towards ever greater automation and effectiveness.”