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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Russian Plasma Tyre Recycling

Russian scientists want to recycle tyres using plasma

Plasma Processing Possible Solution to Waste

A group of scientists from the Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia have designed a new method of used tyre recycling using “artificial lightning“, the Polytechnic University said in a statement on its website.

The researchers claimed their method is efficient, will help tyre companies to save money on tyre recycling, and produce environmentally friendly fuel.

The Russian scientists have designed a unique modification of the atmospheric plasma reactor. The team explained that, unlike the classic arc reactor, it does not contain vacuum and gas equipment. The generation of a high-temperature substance – plasma – occurs in the open air and prevents the oxidation of materials and synthesis products.

This method is believed to reduce the energy intensity of the tyre recycling process as well as to take down production costs.

In a series of experiments, the scientists managed to obtain ultrafine carbon powder, as well as a mixture of gases containing methane, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. The last product could incorporate the new technology in “the power generation of the future,” the scientists said.

Plasma waste recycling is a revolutionary way of recycling, which, according to the world scientific community, will someday change the world. This method makes it possible to split any organic compounds almost to the atomic state,” commented Alexander Pak, head of the research group.

“The possibility of obtaining hydrogen, which is an environmentally friendly fuel in the process of waste processing, is an important scientific and practical result,” Pak added.

The scientists promised to shape up the newly developed method in order to pitch the innovative technology to potential investors.