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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Revyre Pressing Ahead in NZ and Australia

Energy Estate and InfraCo Partnership – REVYRE – to help solve waste tyre mountains in Australia and New Zealand.

Revyre and InfraCo to use Tyromer Technology in New Zealand

Energy Estate and InfraCo have announced a joint venture (REVYRE), to develop and build innovative tyre recycling plants in Australia and New Zealand, utilising two revolutionary technologies – Vertech/ RubberJet Valley tyre disintegration and Tyromer rubber devulcanisation.

Tyre and Rubber Recycling asked Revyre’s Shaun Zukor how the project sat against the background of the news that we see from New Zealand on tyre recycling? There have been confused messages and the chaotic stories of tyre dumps being abandoned, relocated and abandoned again. How does the Revyre project sit in what, to us on the other side of the world, looks like a rather unstable background?

“I am happy to report the inaction by previous government has prompted major changes by the current coalition government led by the Labour Party. “Said Zukor.

“Part of the coalition government agreement is that tyre waste be regulated by making it a legislated priority waste. This would, in-turn, have a mandatory excise fee placed on all new tyre imports either as loose tyres’ or as they arrive on equipment. This fee would be managed through a Tyrewise stewardship scheme. Bone fide transporters, collectors, processors, and end-users would be beneficiaries of this scheme. We would most definitely accept the subsidy, but our model is not entirely reliant on the scheme. This scheme should take effect in mid-2021.

Currently, Australia disposes of over 60,000 tonnes of end of life tyres (ELTs) by exporting them and approximately 100,000 tonnes are stockpiled in landfills or stockpiled onsite (predominantly within the mining and agricultural sectors). With the COAG agreed ban on used tyre exportation from December 2021 the annual growth in Australia’s tyre stockpile will be even greater. New Zealand currently generates 5-6 million ELTs annually which equates to close to 70,000 tonnes. These units are either shredded locally for domestic burning in cement kilns as Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) or are baled and exported for use as TDF in Asia.

Revyre seeks to solve this waste problem through the rollout of its innovative combined recycling technology. Its projects are modular, scalable and mobile – a total tyre recycling process that will destruct and re-purpose any constituent parts of a tyre, turning it into a high value polymer product for export and clean high tensile scrap steel. The overall process has near zero waste, emissions or by-products and does not use or produce toxic chemicals.

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