The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Revyre Global Limited Agrees License Agreement With Xtyre Global Pty Ltd

REVYRE Global Limited New Zealand has developed a license agreement with XTYRE Global Pty Ltd, South Africa to manufacture rubber moulded products from recycled end-of -life tyres in Oceania.

REVYRE is New Zealand-based business that endeavours to discover and invest in new and sustainable technologies that have sound positive impacts on the world’s environment. REVYRE is in the process of concluding multiple exclusive licenses to establish rubber crumb upcycling processing facilities, using proprietary technologies in agreed territories. REVYRE has two focussed areas of production that include functionally modified polymers for bitumen and the re-processing of crumb rubber for moulded products.

XTYRE Global is a world leading company that upcycles waste rubber from end-of-life tyres, transforming the crumb rubber into multiple moulded dynamic ranges of everyday products. XTG is a shareholder in XTYRE South Africa Pty Ltd which is a commercially operational facility that boasts significant market share in recycled moulded goods in South Africa. XTG claims award winning products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

Jointly, REVYRE and XTG have executed a 10-year exclusive manufacturing and sales license for Oceania and ASEAN countries under REVYRE Manufacturing New Zealand and Australia. The license allows REVYRE the exclusive rights to manufacture more than 200 products from recycled crumb rubber. The license enables the exploitation of existing and pending XTG patents and IP know-how.

This agreement adds to REVYRE’s list of partnerships, which also includes an agreement with Tyromer and RubberJet Valley amongst others.

New Zealand is progressing and supporting ELT disposal, and the reuse of recycled rubber in local manufacturing operations through their Tyrewise tyre stewardship programme. The programme aims to make local manufacturing economically viable and competitive against cheap imports with a noticeable amount of interest already generated with some of the major retailers.

Shaun Zukor, CEO of REVYRE commented; “We have, and continue to, witness large strides in tyre disposal in New Zealand, which is great for the environment. What we see as clearly lacking, are offtakes for the rubber crumb produced from these operations. This tends to create a ‘race to the bottom’ type scenario for operators reliant on disposal fees. As a result of this, the opportunity to support rather than compete has become glaringly obvious, if we are truly serious about the environment. We do need local support from local distributors and retailers to succeed and responses thus far have been excellent. We intend launching 10 products as a start for our moulding manufacturing facility on the North Island in the second half of 2023.”