The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Retford School Recycles

As climate change becomes a key discussion point a Retford (UK) primary school used funding from the Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Fund to lead the way by creating a school garden.

UK School Creates a Tyre Garden

Carr Hill Primary School used the money from Veolia to buy tools, equipment and soil to recycle old car tyres.

Simon Grayson, who is leading the project, said: “The school has a popular and successful gardening club for the children and for many years they have participated in the schools section of Retford In Bloom, organised by the Civic Society.

“Three years ago we decided to have a Carr Hill in Bloom where each class in school was challenged to grow a particular vegetable.

“The first year was potatoes, then onions and this year carrots. Each class researches and decides how to plant and maximise their crop and are responsible for looking after and watering them.

“Then, during the last week of the summer, we gather as a whole school outside for the grand results, where we award novelty prizes for the categories such as greatest weight, longest, smallest, hairiest or most unusual looking.

“It has been a great way to educate the children about where their food comes from, how to grow their own and look after it.

“Next year we have the Great Beetroot Challenge to look forward to.”

Originally the school started with small vegetable plots in the ground, but this developed into the tyre garden.

The Green Champions of Carr Hill Primary School were established in the Autumn of 2016 following the installation of the Solar Panels and consist of two volunteers from each class across Key Stage 1 and 2.

The aim was to raise awareness of issues affecting the environment both at school and at home and empower them to make a positive contribution.

The Green Champions have undertaken a number of initiatives since which have undoubtedly had a positive impact on life at Carr Hill.