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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Relaston Looking for Investors

German technology utilised by Relaston Ohio sees the company seeking further investment to commercialise its patented process.

Relaston Ohio Seeks Investment in Devulcanisation Project

Relaston Ohio has been working on a German technology to devulcanise rubber. Devuclanisation itself is not new; it is a technology that has been researched since the first rubber was vulcanised. However, today, the pressure to recycle has driven the markets to find the best devulcanizing solutions.

One of the issues with many devulcanisation processes is that they break the sulphur bonds that are key to vulcanisation. In doing this, they also shorten the long-chain polymers that give rubber the qualities that make it so useful.

Relaston Ohio’s technology claims to offer a devulcanisation solution that retains the long-chain polymers. This process results in a higher quality devulcanised product that has better recycling potential than short polymer chain devulc.

The process uses a crumb rubber feedstock, which can either be purchased or produced in-house. The process output is claimed to give a revulcanised rubber equal to virgin product, at 45% of the new price.

Currently, Relaston Ohio is seeking investment to allow it to further productionise its technology. Potential investors can find out more at here.