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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Pyrum Innovations AG: First Pyrolysis Oil from the New Reactor

Pyrum Reactor 2 ramped up to target temperature under production conditions for the first time

Pyrum Innovations AG has announced the first successful warm-up of the new reactor 2 at its main plant in Dillingen/Saar. The reactor was started up and heated to the production temperature of around 650 °C for the first time. It was fed with granulate, and the dosing system was successfully tested so that the first pyrolysis oil could be produced in small quantities.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG stated; “In the course of the warm commissioning that started at the end of October, we can announce the next success story. The first warm-up was completed as planned, and all systems and circuits worked as intended. We will now analyse the findings and incorporate them into the further warm commissioning. After a further test run in around two weeks’ time, we plan to carry out the first longer test production run of the reactor in December and produce pyrolysis oil continuously. Reactor 3 is to follow shortly afterwards.”

After the initial warm-up, the reactor was shut down again in a controlled manner. After the start of continuous test operation, the throughput of the first new line will gradually be ramped up to 75 per cent. All the experience gained from line 2 will then be transferred to line 3 and line 3 will also be ramped up to 75 per cent throughput as quickly as possible. Both lines will then be gradually ramped up to 100%. The entire process up to full capacity utilisation will be carried out as quickly as possible, but could take several months, as is usual for plants of this size.