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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Port Tyres to Pavers

APM Terminals Apapa recycles used tyres into pavement blocks

Terminal Tyres to Pavers in Nigeria

Nigeria’s biggest container terminal operation handling company APM Terminals Apapa has started recycling its used tyres into pavement blocks for use in exterior flooring.

The Terminal Manager of APM Terminals Apapa, Steen Knudsen, said that the company has entered into partnership with a recycling firm named Freetown Waste Management Recycle Limited to recycle the used tyres into pavement blocks.

“With all the rolling equipment that we have, we are consuming a lot of tyres on an annual basis, and we are at the moment running a pilot where we are trying to take those tyres, recycle them and compress them into pavement blocks, which then can be used for paving different areas of the terminal where we have pedestrian traffic.”

The recycled tyre pavers can be easily laid on a concrete floor, removed and recycled again in the future, which I think is quite good,” Knudsen said.

He said that so far, 40 square metres of the pedestrian area of the terminal has been paved using recycled tyres.

“The final goal is to have a total paved area of 580 square metres with these recycled tyre pavers,” he said.

The Country Manager of APM Terminals Nigeria, Klaus Laursen, said the company takes its responsibility towards the environment “very serious.”

“We owe that to ourselves, we owe that to our kids, and we owe that to the future,” Laursen said.

APM Terminals Apapa is the largest container terminal in West Africa.