The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Pirelli Launches Recycled Tyres

Pirelli has taken the step of producing tyres made from recycled rubber. The tyres won’t be found on passenger cars or trucks any time soon though. These tyres, the Cycl-e range, are specifically designed for electric bicycles.

Recycled Tyres Launched by Pirelli

The Cycl-e range was presented at the annual Eurobike fair, which took place in September in Germany. Pirelli presented three models, available in “sport” and “standard” models, developed with a view to sustainability and the circular economy. E-bike tyres incorporate rubber from recycled end of life Pirelli tyres.

The company explained in a press release “Precisely because Pirelli is engaged in sustainable mobility, the tyres of the Cycl-e line have been developed and manufactured using a compound that includes rubber powder: Tyres are taken from the ELT feedstock and processed to produce a fine powder. The selected powders are re-generated and reused in the polymer matrix. Particular attention is also paid to maximising the use of natural rubber, a renewable raw material “.

The tyres are constructed with two different compounds for the tread and the carcass, in order to optimise grip and protection against punctures.