The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

New Recycled Materials Group

ARTIS – the independent research and development subsidiary of Avon has opened a new recyclers support group – The ARTIS Sustainable Materials Group held its launch event on 18th January in London.

New Group Ready to Tackle Tyre Recycling in UK and Europe

Martyn Bennet , ATRIS’ chief scientist and researcher Chris Norris, analytical services manager for ARTIS, presented the concept of the Sustainable Materials Group to an invited audience from the tyre recycling sector in both the UK and Europe.

The background and an idea of what could be attained by a co-ordinated approach to recycling was given by Stuart Patrick of the Institute of Materials, and Adrian Tautcsher from Jaguar Land Rover.

There was a presentation on rCB given by Chris Norris that looked at the qualities of rCB and the need to market the product not as a replacement for Carbon Black but as a new material with its own data and specifications.  This presentation included argments as to why this approach was needed and indeed, why the rCB market was perhaps not in a position to offer an alternative to Carbon Black directly – based on market volumes alone rCB could not compete – as an example.

Membership of the Sustainable Materials Group will give members the benefit of access to ARTIS technicians for guidance and advice, and access to ARTIS research pulications, free of charge, plus additional membership benefits.

Interested parties should visit the website here or e-mail