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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

New Euro Team at Eco Green

ECO Green Equipment announces new sales representatives in Europe

New European Sales Team for EcoGreen Equipment

ECO Green Equipment has revised its European market approach by appointing two new members to its European sales team.  Alejandro Grases and Ricardo Ayala recently joined ECO Green Equipment as sales representatives and from now on represent the European branch of the company.

Alejandro Grases’ background is in mechanical engineering, with over 10 years of experience in the tyre recycling industry, Grases was a tyre recycling plant director at American Tire Recycling in the city of Miami from 2011 till 2018. Part of his duty as the tyre recycling plant director, Alejandro handled equipment installation and plant design, sometimes altering characteristics of the machinery.

Frequently working with Brad Swenson and Andres Salazar from ECO Green Equipment, Alejandro nurtured the idea of developing the European sales branch for the company.

“I told Ricardo Ayala, who I work with on various projects, about a wonderful opportunity with Eco Green Equipment. After talking about it we decided to take it,” – says Grases.

Grases has been working with ECO Green Equipment since 2018 developing equipment, I was working on the engineering, development and design of a new project called the ECO Boss. He was then deployed in the Ukraine for the start-up of one of ECO Green’s largest plants a year and a half ago.

Ricardo Ayala is a mechanical engineer and a former university fellow of Grases.

Ayala spent the last 14 years in the automotive industry handling the logistics for Volvo group, first in Venezuela and then South Africa. He then went to Belgium, where he started a project called FLEXOfibers that is related to tyre recycling. The FLEXOfibers™ is about taking the steel from the tyre recycling process and transforming this steel into fibres for concrete reinforcement.

With the new sales representatives in Europe, ECO Green Equipment is planning to offer a fully integrated technical support to European customers. Because of Grases’ vast knowledge in operating and designing tyre recycling equipment, the company will be capable of providing its clients with best-quality support when it comes to equipment installation and maintenance.

“Consumers can expect not only exceptional treatment from us, but they can also expect that we will have the technical and after sales support,” adds Grases.