The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

McIntyre Tyre Cutter Launched

New 407 CLS Petrol Tyre Cutter added to JMC Product Line.

JMC Adds McIntyre Tyre Cutter to its Range

JMC Recycling Systems is a family run Nottinghamshire business that has been running since 1872, specialising in tyre cutters, metal balers, car depollution systems and ingot casting machines. The company has over 27,000 machines installed worldwide, and its heritage in processing scrap metal is important when manufacturing the quality components for its tyre and rubber recycling machines today.

As JMC have been manufacturing alligator shears for over 30 years it now offers a vast range of tyre-cutting machinery. With over 20 options available, each tyre cutter varies in cutting capacity and blade length. Operator safety is of upmost importance and so the range of shears are all equipped with blade guards and foot-operated switches. The machines therefore guarantee an efficient and safe method of processing scrap rubber, ensuring that tyres are processed into bitesize chunks and are ready to recycle in seconds.

Committed to continually improving the efficiency of tyre recycling, December saw the launch of the new McIntyre 407 CLS Petrol Tyre Cutter. Much cheaper to run, this upgraded version of the 407 shear includes a gas engine and provides a portable yet still powerful solution to your recycling needs. It has a 407mm 16″ blade length and enough power and speed to handle a wide variety of cutting tasks.

JMC Recycling System’s Managing Director, Phillip Pownall, is looking forward to providing more innovative machinery solutions in 2021.