The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

CM Sale Second Hybrid Shredder to K&S Tyre Recycling

Columbus McKinnon Corporation has announced the sale of a second Hybrid Shredder to K&S Tyre Recycling less than a year after installing its first Hybrid Shredder back in 2016. Since the initial installation of their CM Hybrid Shredder in 2016, K&S Tyre Recycling has experienced rapid growth. The increased capacity of the shredder has allowed them to expand their current collection network as well as expand into truck tyre collection.

Second CM Shredder Bought by K&S Tyre Recycling

Kevin Khalil, President of K&S said that since the original installation of the shredder it has been operating trouble free for over a year. The decision to purchase the second machine was an easy one. The design of CM knives allows the knives to be reused up to six times in the machine. CM has designed K&S’s second Hybrid Shredder to accept the knives from its first shredder. Therefore, knives can be used six times on the first shredder and six times on the second shredder, which drastically reduces knife costs.

K&S Tyre Recycling is located in Chicago Heights Illinois. K&S is a family owned tyre recycling business which is operated by the Khalil family. They have been in business for the past 12 years. Due to the successful growth of business the family continues to expand its operations.

Also, recently CM announced that it has developed an entire line of Hybrid Shear Shredders for the reduction and recycling of tyres as well as other wastes. The line consists of shredders from 10 -250 horsepower with feed opening as small as 30” long X 18” wide up to 90” long X 46” wide. This wide range of machinery can be used to process numerous types of waste for alternative fuels or other recycling opportunities.

This Hybrid line of shredders can be offered with the traditional one-piece shear knives or CM’s patented replaceable knife inserts. This proprietary knife system has been used in CM’s tyre shredding machines for the past 35 years. The high-quality steel found in tyres requires that knives be made of a high grade of harden tool steel to effectively cut the steel wires cleanly. This same technology can used for other high wear applications in the general waste and recycling industries. The knives come in numerous sizes and configurations depending on the application. They can be rotated and sharpened numerous times for multiple uses therefore, they are extremely cost effective. CM can also retrofit existing machines with this knife technology.