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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Klean Loop Nominated for Recircle Award

Klean Industries Klean Loop is nominated for Recircle Award

Klean Industries Inc. (Klean), a cleantech company specialising in the conversion of waste into energy and recovered resources has been nominated for an award in the Business Innovation category of the first edition of The Recircle Awards. As a technology pioneer, Klean recognises the challenges of creating, financing and successfully deploying innovative technologies that reduce the consumption of virgin resources and recovery of valuable materials and energy from waste. As a true technology pioneer in the advanced thermal treatment of scrap tyres, waste plastic and municipal solid waste, Klean continues to advance its technology offering for its customers and new clients alike with the rollout of the KleanLoop Blockchain DApp and its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

Klean’s CEO, Jesse Klinkhamer said, “It’s great to see the marketplace understanding the value Klean brings to the tyre manufacturing recycling space and we are super excited about the rollout of KleanLoop and it being nominated for the Business Innovation Award. While it is awesome to be recognised, we are even more excited about the deployment of the KleanLoop technology being implemented in one our tyre pyrolysis facilities in Boardman, Oregon.

“This facility will be the largest continuous recovered carbon black plants ever built in North America. It’s taken years to refine the DApp and SAS technology needed to radically transform how ‘waste’, more specifically scrap tyres, can be tracked, recycled, and deconstructed back into raw material which is then re-integrated into the supply chain as new resources, in a manner so transparent it’s going to change how tyres are manufactured and recycled forever, “ according to Klinkhamer, “a true innovation that was designed to advance the circular economy and everyone’s sustainable development goals.”

As a company, the Klean Team believes business innovation is one of our best attributes that has led to their success. They also know that Klean’s integrated approach and technology offering is a game changer for the tyre manufacturing and tire recycling sectors. By Klean capturing all our plants processing data and combining it with any of our processing partners data; using the Internet of Things (“IoT”); which are internet connect devices throughout their operations, we can consolidate this data and dissect the data using a proprietary AI engine developed by Klean called Arnold. Arnold uses algorithmic solutions to systematically calculate a facility’s incoming feedstock volumes, all energy usage, product production and packaging, emissions, sales and market prices and takes into account all of the distributed emissions produced to get the recovered resources back into the existing supply chain.

“A track and trace solution designed to count virtually every kilowatt to every molecule used and produced in the supply chain to the finest of operational details. Similar to how social media is tracking every aspect of people’s lives online, Arnold is dedicated to tracking every aspect of a specific waste material by using IoT, creating a live streaming data profile in an ongoing life cycle analysis of waste, from the point of generation until it is repurposed and forever from that moment onward that waste becomes a resource, and its constituents parts a product of what enters the KleanLoop. This data and the products produced from waste forever remain tracked and traced as a data product of the KleanLoop.

Much in the same manner as how social media uses everyone’s input data through IoT to track, trace and monitor everyone’s movements, among many other things social media tracks, our DApp Blockchain and a Distributed Ledger Technology application is designed to significant cut industrial costs and create operational efficiencies and cleanliness never seen before; and this can and will be done throughout the entire resource sector and waste industry. The initial KleanLoop feedstock of focus is targeting the tyre recycling and tyre manufacturing industries as the poster child for illustrating a symbiotic innovation that will deliver the highest possible returns both environmentally and financially.