The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Kenyan Investor Setting-up Sh9.2m Pyrolysis Plant

Monarch Petrochemical Ltd in plans to develop a pyrolysis plant in Kilifi, Kenya. It says the plant will yield tyre pyrolysis oil (TPO), carbon black powder, steel wire and gas.

Environmental Impact Assessment Report Looks to Recycling Solutions

“It is a great way of recycling waste tyres as it’s a challenge,” the firm says in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report.

“TPO is used as liquid fuel in industrial burners. Carbon black powder is a valuable feed stock for the manufacture of tyres, rubber products, paints, pigments, ink, powder coating, toner, etc.

“The gas generated by tyre pyrolysis will be effectively used to fuel the process. The scrap steel generated will be sufficiently clean to be sold to scrap metal processors.”

The plant, which will cost Sh 9.2 million, will be set up on a two-acre piece of land in Kokotoni in Kilifi County, 1.5 kilometres off the MombasaNairobi highway. It will have capacity to process 10 tonnes of tyres every day.

Kenya has over 2.5 million vehicles, making it a rich ground for used car tyres.