The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

IRC2023 a Success in Beijing China

The IRC2023 (International Rubber Conference 2023) was successfully held in Haikou, China, over the 7th to 9th Nov. 2023

Liqun Zhang, the chairman of the IRC2023, academician of the CAE Member and president of South China University of Technology, hosted the opening ceremony and emphasised the importance of low-carbon and intelligent technologies in the rubber industry.

Over 1000 delegates from 20 countries attended IRC2023

Michael Clayton, Executive Chairman of the International Rubber Conference Organisation, and Toh Heng Guan, Secretary General of ANRPC, attended the opening ceremony and gave speeches. The relative representatives from the Chinese government also gave speeches at the opening ceremony.

On 7th Nov., a total of 12 reports were presented at the main theatre of the conference. 12 professors and scholars from China and abroad spoke about their academic achievements in different fields, including rubber technology innovation, bio-based materials, special functional materials, natural rubber substitutes and rubber recycling economy.

On 8th and 9th November the IRC2023 was divided into 4 parallel sessions, with a total of 164 representations covering different topics, including Modeling, Simulation and Characterisation of Rubber Materials, Digital Design and Intelligent Manufacture of Rubber Products; Functional/intelligent/Bionic Rubbery Materials,  Design Synthesis and Chemical Modification of Rubbers/Elasomers, Functional/Intelligent/Bionic Rubber Materials,Reinforcing Materials and Additives for Rubber & their greening, Special Environment Serviced Rubber Materials.