The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

GRONE Projects Offer a One Stop Solution to Municipal Waste

Human Unitec International, Inc., is a Project Finance, development and assets management corporation focused in sustainability, medical and wellness and green energy.
In June 2016, the Company acquired the intellectual property for the GRONE renewable energy technology. The GRONE is a versatile waste sorting centre that acts not only as a recycling centre, but also as power plant aimed at eliminating the need landfills.

Human Unitec International Announces GRONE Projects in Italy

On May 11, 2020, the Company entered a contract with Palladium Investments SA, a Swiss subsidiary of ILDA INVESTMENTS SA, for the sale of the first of six GRONE plants for the recycling of solid waste management for $43,000,000 USD

The Human Unitec International, Inc.’s GRONE development team has now completed the development and is now finalising the sale and deployment of several small affordable GRONE plants. These GRONE plants are utilised for the recycling and management of solid waste, plastic, used tyres and exhausted oils.

A prototype of a tyre recycling plant with 10-ton per day capacity has been built and is in operation in the Milano area of Italy. This plant is under the direct supervision of Human Unitec International‘s GRONE technicians. The basic investment cost of this plant is budgeted for approximately $2,000,000 USD and the plant should produce an average annual net income of approximately $1,800,000 USD.

On June 26, 2020, the Company entered a binding joint venture for the construction and operation of a tyre recycling, 10-ton capacity GRONE facility for a total of $1,800,000 USD with Gruppo Sedda of Porto Torres. The first GRONE for tyres will be installed in Olbia-Tempio Community, north east of Sardinia, Italy. Under the terms of the agreement, HMNU will finance 50% of the project and will provide technical and administrative assistance to the local partner investor-operator.

On June 30,2020, the President of HMNU, Fabrizio Bosticco, and Andrea Sedda, Founder of the Group Sedda and Sedda Energy S.R.L., agreed to extend the June 26, 2020 joint venture to include the construction of a second GRONE plant for plastic recycling, with 10 tons capacity, for the production of electricity. Andrea Sedda stated: “We are incredibly happy to have the chance to build this fantastic equipment in Sardinia. The GRONE plant represents a significant evolution in the growing of the renewable green energy for our country and our environment. Economically, a 10 tons plant can produce up to 8 tons of green eco diesel a day, equal to 12,600,000 KW/year or over Euros (€) 2,772,000 in net revenues.” The combined purchase price of the initial two GRONE 10 Ton Capacity Plants exceeds $3,900,000 USD.

Sumaya Alay Faysal, Executive Vice President and International relations coordinator of Human Unitec International, Inc., recently stated: “The GRONE gives our Company the opportunity to progress toward our goal to become a global leader in innovative, affordable recycling plants and eliminate the landfills giving revenues and natural energy.”

The Company will provide investors additional technical and financial information on the potentiality of the development of this GRONE plant and on the opportunity of direct investment in the realisation and or management of other plants in Europe, USA, and Canada.

The Grone is a versatile waste sorting centre that acts not only as a recycling centre, but also a power plant aimed at eliminating the need for landfills. The primary purpose of the Grone is to sort Municipal Solid Waste. The Grone separates each resource and allocates it to the proper recycling zone through an assembly line consisting of a 4-stage process. The waste is then used as fuel to maintain its “perpetual” power system. The power generated from the system can be used to power water desalination plants that offer fresh water to the respective community and revenue to the operators.