The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Gradeall International Introduces Wireless Baler

The Gradeall MKII tyre baler, one of Europe’s most prominent and successful tyre baling machines has been updated for 2018.

Updated Tyre Baler Contains Improved Features

Changes include a new electro-hydraulic control system that is used to control the operation of the baler, the result is a baler that is easier for the operator to use, significantly quieter and more reliable in operation, and one that thanks to wireless connectivity provides a number of useful features that have not previously been offered in a tyre baler.

For several years Gradeall has offered wireless connectivity in its range of portable and static waste compactors. The ‘Intelli-Fill’ system was well received by those involved in the management of waste compactors as it provided alerts to designated email addresses when the compactor container was 50, 75 and 100 per cent full and required emptying, allowing for the container to be emptied in advance.

In addition, remote monitoring and diagnostics incorporated into the system mean that should an issue arise with the machine, Gradeall are able to provide remote troubleshooting without having to travel to the machine, saving on service calls and reducing the time it takes to resolve an issue. This keeps downtime due to maintenance issues or a full container to the absolute minimum.

It was these same advantages of the Intelli-fill system on waste compactors that led to the introduction of a similar form of wireless connectivity for the MKII tyre baler. This system has been called Intelli-link.

Useful features Intelli-Link provides to a tyre baler;

  • Bale counter via email
  • Email alerts pre-warning for servicing issues
  • Remote access for diagnostics to reduce service call
  • Remote setting adjustment to obtain optimum performance
  • Service calculator based on usage