The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Forrec Launch the TX1600 Shredder

Italian shredder manufacturer Forrec has launched a new shredder designed for tyre recycling.

Forrec Launches Dedicated Tyre Shredder

As tyre arising around the world remain a challenge, they also create opportunities. Appropriately managed, they can be a resource that can create employment, end products and allow energy recovery.

In all these points, tyres usually need to be downsized, generally by shredding.

Tyres are one of the most challenging products to downsize because they are designed to be relatively indestructible in use.

Italian shredder manufacturer Forrec has now launched its latest tool for action in tyre recycling, the TX1600 shredder.

The TX1600 shredder is the latest solution offered by Forrec. It was created with the aim of responding to the specific demands of the market, without neglecting productivity, which must never fall below 5 t/hour for the treatment to be economically sustainable.

The real innovation is that the shredder is equipped with unique “clean cut” blades to overcome the problem of fraying the steel wire contained in the rubber of the tyre.

“The product derived from shredding with this double shaft shredder has such a quality that it is required in large quantities by cement factories as fuel,” Claimed a spokesman for Forrec.

Forrec has already supplied equipment with the new technology to a customer in the United Arab Emirates who was looking for an effective solution for this specific need.

While in many geographical areas the problem of tyre disposal still proves to be a difficult obstacle to overcome, Forrec has shown that solutions can be successfully found and applied.