The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

ETRA seeks papers for presentation at conference

2022 ETRA Conference calls for papers for presentation

ETRA Call For Papers

The latest ETRA conference theme, New Market Partnerhips after 2020 : Overcoming the Obstacles, will illustrate some of the extraordinary progress that has been made in the tyre recycling industries and highlight its exciting role in future as part of the Circular Economy.

Tyre recycling has confronted many challenges in the drive towards taking its place in the circular economy and is ready to face new ones in future. This year the Conference will focus on exploring these new challenges with the aim of identifying solutions and opportunities for recyclers especially in terms of material options, potential end-users and expanded markets.

The Plenary Sessions on Tuesday will focus on issues confronting recyclers in 2020 and beyond – including the changing roles of recyclers, ECHA findings re SBR and microplastics, the Waste Shipment Regulation, and the impact of exports from the EU. The afternoon will focus on the role of GPP in expanding Municipal use of TDMs in construction, transport infrastructure and maintenance for road, rail, tram and sea and will identify opportunities to develop strategies to make tyre recycling a key contributor to the Circular Economy.

Wednesday Plenaries will start by exploring Pyrolysis as it moves into traditional markets as well new opportunities in the automotive sector.

Then there will be a focus on new markets for Innovative Materials, Applications and Technologies. In the afternoon some other experience in the Building sector.

The final session will be on EU Programmes and funding opportunities.

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