The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Equestrian Proving to be a Strong Testing Ground for Recycled Rubber

Italian equestrian fair utilises recycled rubber. Tests have shown that there are many benefits to using recycled rubber in arenas and walkways.

Recycled Rubber is the Future for Equestrian Arenas

The greatest participants in horse riding agree that recycled rubber in equestrian surfaces offers greater comfort for both horse and rider and more sustainable arena management for the venues.

Scientific studies and field tests show how the use of riding surfaces made with eco-sustainable and recycled rubber, present notable advantages: they protect the horse’s joints, drastically reduce the dispersion of dust in the air compared to traditional sand surfaces, they drain better, have very low maintenance costs and a substantial anti-shock value, which also makes them suitable for the protection of riders.

Accordingly, at the 121st edition of FieraCavalli (7-10 November, Verona), the riding fields, made with recycled rubber, prove to be an innovative solution able to combine sport, environmental sustainability and welfare of both horse and rider. The fields of FieraCavalli have been created thanks to Ecopneus, a non-profit company that manages the collection and recycling of end-of-life tyres in Italy and UISP, the Italian Sports Union.

The rubberised fields installed at Fieracavalli in Pavilions 2 and 7, with the contribution of Promix and Italgreen, were created according to  parameters identified by research conducted by Uliano Vezzani, Chief of Piste Internazionale, in collaboration with Fabrizio Forsoni, SDA manager of the National Horse Riding UISP, in order to create riding fields that are optimal for the various disciplines. Recycled rubber has also been used for all walkways between the various areas dedicated to horses, thanks to manufacturer Ecoplus.

The field of Pavilion 2 is the result of a collaboration between Ecopneus, UISP and the Veterinary Department of the University of Perugia, was developed with Promix technical support with 45,000 kg of recycled rubber.

The specific composition of the fund, tested by riders with dressage-trained horses, was found to be suitable for many activities: from level walking to dressage, from vaulting and riding school – even with people with disabilities – up to the rehabilitation of horses with limb and postural traumas. The field is composed of a rubber mat on which plates of recycled rubber have been laid. Above the plates, a synthetic grass mantle filled with encapsulated sand and ennobled rubber guarantees the horses a soft and comfortable support.

The field of Pavilion 7, on which the best champions of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup will be presented, has a composition specifically designed for show jumping tested by the international rider Giovanni Lucchetti with suitable horses and tests with jumps of 130 cm. The tests show a great composure of the horse on this type of base: it is excellent for relaxation work, it has a good impact absorption at the three gaits, it is characterised by superb compactness in tight turns. For its creation at Fieracavalli, Promix and Italgreen used 43,000 kg of recycled rubber. Unlike the other fields, here, the final top layer is a mixture of ennobled powder in recycled rubber and coconut granules. A solution designed and built to best meet the needs and performance required of horses during show jumping competitions.