The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Episode 30 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast Hits the Airwaves with Vianney Vales, the CEO of Wastefront

Episode 30 of The Tyre Recycling Podcast is live. Vianney Vales, the CEO of Wastefront joins Ewan Scott, the Editor of Tyre & Rubber Recycling to give him the latest update on their pyrolysis project in Sunderland.

Wastefront CEO Interviewed by Tyre & Rubber Recycling

Vianney spoke to Ewan at length about the project, as well as turning his eyes towards the possibility of future pyrolysis plants for Wastefront.


00:00 Introduction to Episode #30: Wastefront‘s Sunderland Plant Gets the Go-Ahead

02:32 Interview with Vianney Vales, CEO of Wastefront

02:57 Background and History to Wastefront

04:56 Wastefront‘s Experience and Knowledge Capabilities in Tyre Pyrolysis

06:25 When do Wastefront Plan to Start Production at their Plant in Sunderland?

07:41 Wastefront‘s Agreement with Vitol and their Plans for the Recovered Carbon Black

11:25 Vianney Vales Gives his Thoughts on Michelin/Bridgestone’s Call-to-Action and Confirms that Wastefront have Secured their Feedstock for the UK

15:21 Wastefront‘s Plans for Shredded Material Use in Pyrolysis Process

16:15 Vianney Vales Talks about the Impact of a Potential EPR Scheme in India on their Supply Chain

18:09 Will Future Pyrolysis Projects be Located Close to Tyre Manufacturing Plants?

21:35 Do Wastefront have Plans for Further Plans? Where would it be Located: USAUKAmsterdam/Rotterdam or the Asia/Pacific Region?

22:59 Ewan Scott, the Editor of Tyre & Rubber RecyclingAnalyses the Benefits of Wastefront’s Established Offtake Agreements

27:31 Conclusion to Episode #30: Wastefront‘s Sunderland Plant Gets the Go-Ahead