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The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Entyr Signs Deal with Australian NTRO

The National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) and pioneering environmental technology company, Entyr Limited, has signed a 5-year product development agreement, including an extended royalty arrangement.

The agreement will expedite the commercial application of patented tyre-derived products which improve the life and sustainability of asphalt.  

Over the past two years, Entyr Limited has been collaborating with NTRO to assess and test Entyr’s recovered carbon black and tyre-derived fuel oil from end-of-life tyres replacing virgin resources in the creation of asphalt.   

“Entyr’s recovered carbon black has shown superior sustainability and is an excellent candidate to substitute virgin resources removing the carbon impact of mining a natural material. When the recovered carbon black and the tyre-derived fuel oil are used, the environmental and performance outcomes of using Entyr’s products are leading the way in paving a sustainable transport future,” said Petar Davcev, Material Performance & Testing Portfolio Leader for NTRO.

“There has been measurable environmental, safety and sustainability improvements in Southeast Queensland roads which have used Entyr’s products in asphalt mixes and the products are being trialled in other states by government and organisations keen to lower their carbon footprint and provide the highest quality infrastructure for communities,” said Mr Davcev.

Following the successful evidence-based performance of Entyr’s recovered carbon black and the tyre-derived fuel oil in road pavements over the last two years, NTRO has identified several new commercial opportunities that can be pursued upon completion of evidence-based science.

“This agreement provides Entyr with accelerated access to end-markets for our unique recovered carbon black and tyre-derived fuel oil used to improve the safety and sustainability of roads across Australia.  NTRO has been a significant supporter for the need of greater sustainable materials used within the industry and we are privileged to partner with them,” said David Wheeling, CEO of Entyr Limited.

“Both organisations are committed to ensuring that the industry moves forward with appropriate certification processes and continue to develop standards for incorporation into practice. This is a natural partnership that will leverage NTRO’s expertise and our patented technology to further trial opportunities and connect key stakeholders,” said Mr Wheeley.

NTRO is owned by Australia’s transport agencies and undertakes scientific research and develops standards, specifications and best practice guides for Australia and New Zealand’s roads, rails, ports, and airports.  

The industry body has been operating for 60 years delivers multi-modal transport solutions to assist the sector in adopting new technologies and material to address generational issues, including sustainability.  

Entyr Limited is a pioneering Australian company leading the world in solving the global waste tyre problem and delivering a complete circular solution for end-of-life tyres through an internationally patented thermal process producing high quality recovered carbon black, tyre-derived fuel oil, steel and gas for manufacturing.

Entyr is the first Australian company to receive environmental approval for the thermal treatment of rubber holding patents in Australia, and the USA, with a patent pending in Europe.

Entyr’s research-led and evidence-based processing methods recover almost 100% of the raw material while operating below Australian and international regulatory limits for emissions.  

“Having tested and worked with Entyr products for two years now, it is feasible that multiple applications exist outside of asphalt markets.   

NTRO’s role is to maximise the recovered carbon black’s value through research and innovation for the benefit of Australian and New Zealand Transport Agencies and for commercial use,” said Mr Davcev.