The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Ecopneus Tenders for 22-24 Open

Companies specialising in the collection and transport and processing of End of Life Tires  (ELT) will be able to register with the Suppliers’ Register available on the Ecopneus website and access the selection procedures for subsequent online tenders.

Ecopneus Issues Tenders for 2022-24

There is good news for all those companies that want to contribute to the development of Italy’s circular economy. On the site of Ecopneus registrations are still open to identify partner companies for the three-year period 2022-2024 for the handling of ELT.

The selection of companies by Ecopneus takes place through telematic procedures, to which companies that have completed their registration in the Register of Suppliers and whose profile corresponds to the requirements indicated can be invited. Registration in the Suppliers’ Register takes place by completing a questionnaire, in which detailed information is requested, differentiated according to the type of ELT management activity.

The company registration process – completely free – constitutes a fundamental procedure for accessing the subsequent phases of selection and the online tender. It is at this stage that Ecopneus comes into contact with the several hundred operators in the supply chain, building the necessary basis for the subsequent selection of the best operators, from a technical and authorisation point of view.

The deadline for registering with the Register of Suppliers varies according to the type of activity, as well as for the subsequent selection and tender steps. In fact, in June, the tenders for the ELT shredding service will be held (registration in the Register by May), in July those for collection (registration by 11 June) and in September those for transport (registration by 27 August). .

Companies in possession of the required requisites will be invited to access the subsequent phases of the selection procedures. They will then be able to formulate an economic offer for the services for which they have applied, based on the indications given in the relevant selection procedure manuals that will be made available

“Managing the supply chain in a responsible way means above all making a careful and accurate selection of partner companies, a process that represents a nerve center for the entire functioning of the system – declared the General Manager of Ecopneus Giovanni Corbetta; “The identification of the best companies that will make up the supply chain managed by Ecopneus is a priority for us. Over the past 10 years this has enabled us to generate value for the country in terms of wealth, employment and sustainable development ”

Ecopneus currently manages an industrial supply chain made up of about 100 companies throughout the country that guarantee the tracing, collection, transport and treatment of an average of about 200,000 tons of ELTs every year, they are then transformed into valuable recycled rubber used for many eco-sustainable applications in many sectors.