The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

The Leading Journal for the Tyre Recycling Sector

Ecopneus and the Army go Step in Step

Ecopneus and works with the Italian Army in developing the anti-Covid Vaccine Centre in the Military Citadel of Cecchignola in Rome

Ecopneus Continues Military Partnership

Urban furniture and parking bollards from recycled rubber and a stretch of asphalt road modified with recycled rubber powder from End-of-Life Tyres are the symbol of the collaboration between the Italian Army and Ecopneus. This is a project that is part of a framework agreement signed for the implementation of interventions and projects with the structures of the Italian Armed Forces.

The square inside the Centre that leads to the pavilions where vaccines are administered was made with rubber modified asphalt, partly coming from the replacement of tyres on military vehicles, thanks to the collaboration with Ecopneus.

The project is part of a framework agreement for the construction of high-performance urbanisation works and reduced environmental impact signed in September 2020 by Ecopneus and the Army Logistics Commander, current extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency, General of the Army Corps Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

The Logistics Commander expressed great satisfaction with the construction of these works, highlighting the importance of the synergy initiated with Ecopneus for the promotion of the culture of recycling. Furthermore, General Figliuolo underlined how this collaboration, even in times of pandemic, fits well into the path undertaken by the Army towards the modernisation of its infrastructures through initiatives that are efficient, functional, fully compliant with current regulations, inspired by innovative criteria with low environmental impact and reduced maintenance costs.

“It is a source of great pride for us to have been able to make our contribution to the effort put in place by the Army in this critical period for the entire country,” said Giovanni Corbetta, General Manager of Ecopneus. “Recycled rubber is a versatile material with exceptional performance; with the technical departments of the Armed Forces, we have pooled know-how and specific skills to find the best performing solutions and formulations for the various needs “.

The collaboration between Ecopneus and the Armed Forces was started in 2019 with the construction of recycled rubber flooring for some boxes and outpatient rooms for horses and dogs of the Military Veterinary Centre of Grosseto. That positive experience was followed by a broader Framework Agreement focused on promoting the use of recycled rubber granules and powders and the implementation of a series of projects with structures of the Armed Forces and various administrations of the Ministry of Defence.

That agreement led, for example, to the intervention at the Military Engineers Command of the Military Centre of Cecchignola in Rome, where a technical surface with high impact-resistant performance and some stretches of asphalt road modified with recycled rubber were created, and the construction of the flooring in recycled rubber for the gymnasium of the “MOVM Emilio Bianchi ” in Rome, headquarters of the Army Logistics Command.